10 Damaging Mistakes Committed by B2C Lead Generators

Lead generation is vital for any company. Any business entrepreneur involved in the field would certainly understand that how tough it is to continuously maintain a subtle contact with your leads, entice them with sales tactics, and attract them to purchase your products and services. Choosing the right lead nurturing partner is important. Finding a trustworthy and experienced partner at the same time can be complicated.

B2C lead generation and its marketing are one of the toughest sectors for new business entrepreneurs. Companies are spending millions of dollars hiring quality agents to converts the targeted leads into customers.

But things generally do not go as per plans because to err is human, and you cannot escape human errors. There are a few mistakes that should be avoided in order to generate more valuable leads and convert them into long-run targeted customers:

1). Quality matters, not quantity:

Agents focus more on collecting leads rather than nurturing them. Sometimes it requires more than just a conversation to attract and convert your leads. There should be a consistent and dedicated efforts towards attracting more leads. For smaller business units or start-up firms, it is more important to get quality leads if they are focusing on a longer run program.

2). Ineffective call to action:

Even if a prospect shows interest in your services, unless they have a clear path to reach you, they will not pay enough attention. And eventually move on. A call to action is a straight and clear way to lead towards your agents or vice versa. One should have a clear contacting option, irrespective of the markets and strategies. Obviously, leads will not sit and wait for your calls, it’s your duty to contact them from time to time and update them with the upcoming trends and products.

3). Do not depend upon scripts:

When it comes to B2C lead generation strategies, it is not always profitable to depend upon the scripts. Mostly an agent has two or four different scripts for a product. But as soon as a customer raises a question out of the box, it becomes difficult to keep the conversation going. Therefore, you can take help of the scripts but only to a limited extent. Also, relying too much on the scripts might sound robotic and unattractive.

4). Not everyone is a customer

There are a certain set of customers created for specific brands. Call centres also have specialisation in some specific brands or trends. It is important for agents to differentiate between the potential leads and the ones who are just irrelevant for this purpose. For a quality like this, your agents need to be qualified enough and have abundant knowledge about the assigned work.

5). Not doing enough research:

There are generally three types of leads: Hot leads, warm leads, and cold leads.

It will be advisable to play smart. Understand the difference between these leads and then invest efforts based upon the priority of leads. It’s better to focus more on hot and warm leads because they are more likely to purchase from you. But do not leave the cold ones as these leads will yield results eventually. You can also take help of the social media platforms, as they are one of the biggest mediums to reach a heavy traffic. These platforms are served by an enormous variety of customers at each level. Also, collecting data would be easy and facilitating.

6). Not focusing on a long-term plan:

Most of the agents just talk for the sake of selling their products and services. Rather you should take benefits of these chats and develop a longer relationship with your employees. Sales cycles are not meant to be shorten. Leads need to be nurtured for a long period of time. So it would be inappropriate to convert the leads just for one or two transactions. Try and convince your customers for some bigger plans while improving your relations over time.

7). Relying on one tactics:

Lead generation depends mostly upon hit and trial method. There are no sure short routes to success. There exist several different methods of leads generation. Tactics and lead nurturing strategies also depend upon the set of audience you are targeting. Know what the correct paths to implement these strategies are.

8). Dropping leads:

It is estimated that nearly 80 percent of the leads are not followed up or are mishandled. Remember that for customers there is a long list of proactive agents waiting to catch the missed leads. Therefore, avoid creating loopholes and do not let your leads fall through those loopholes.


B2C lead generation call centres possess specialised agents, who optimise the existing techniques and introduce new methodologies of lead nurturing and sales. Lead nurturing if done correctly can become one of the highest demanding sectors.

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