7 things to know before you settle in Portugal

Looking at the stunning beaches, hospitable people, delectable cuisine and pristine countryside, many delve on how to get Portugal citizenship. No surprise its Europe’s most popular and visited travel destinations.

So if you’re planning a trip before permanent settlement following the citizenship programme, read on to find some of the most amazing parts of the country, escape the crowd and get the most of Euros.

  1. Out-of-the-season trip

It’s true that many parts of Portugal namely Lisbon and the Algarve beaches are overcrowded during high-summer but, going off-season is completely the opposite picture! Autumn is the loveliest time of the year to visit when sea is at its warmest offering the best of bathing while the sun shines seven hours a day on the average.

  1. Taking the most off-the-beaten track

Getting off-the-tourist trail in Portugal may be expensive so why not head inland to the border region! The journey would get you to the barricaded castle towns of Marvão and Estremoz, looming large over the nearby plains. Storks are accustomed to nest here during spring among the orange and olive groves. Head to the vineyards of Douro across the north where you’ll stumble upon grape-filled estates.

If your interest on how to get Portugal citizenship is simply basking in the sun and enjoy swimming, the coasts of Alentejo, Centro district and the western coast of the Algarve with stretches of sandy beach are a must visit.

  1. Enjoy culinary as a local

Portuguese cuisine is known around the world due to superior quality and an exceptional value. Stick to order from the seasonal growth, freshly caught or that prepared in a local style and you’ll eventually fall in love with the culinary. There’s a fine range of fresh seafood almost everywhere around the country so that’s one reason people look for settling in Portugal.

  1. Come prepare to tread

You’ll find most of the Portuguese reluctant to moving around in vehicles and more willing to walk instead! This is the reason most of the roadsides are cherished for picnic spots right beside a car and so landing on a beautiful beach or land that’s occupied all by yourself is just a few steps from where you stand.

  1. There isn’t anything like free starters

Portuguese restaurants usually serve selection of starters to dig in before going for the main course. The variety may include a bowl of olives, a neatly decorated basket of bread and butter, tuna or sardine paste, local cheese and even prawns and sausages. Although you’ll love to try these out, don’t assume the items being free as everything that you eat is charged in the bill.

Some menus offer a cover charge per person that usually includes bread and butter whereas others would cost you for everything. If you don’t want any of the starters, politely say “no” and Portuguese won’t feel offensive at all!

  1. Be wise when choosing a transport

Indeed, Portugal has improved much with the road condition but the safety records are still worst in all Europe. On the contrary, toll-paying auto routes are well maintained geared with the latest technology and number recognition system so be careful as you drive. Rail routes are fairly cheap and one of the best ways to move around the country so that’s a preferred option!

  1. Being budget savvy

While it’s cheaper eating the meal during lunchtime, the best of three-course midday meal with soothing drink and coffee can be enjoyed best at local office working hours and all for just 12-Euros. Some other tricks to save money is having a drink in the bar while standing rather than sitting!


Listed above are a few reasons people usually look for while thinking of how to get Portugal citizenship!

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