How to Apply For Permanent Visa Canada

Canada is a multicultural country which welcomes people of different communities and cultures from all over the world as well as India. Canada’s natural beauty, progressive economy, high employment rate, the smooth immigration policies and the great environment to raise the family attracts immigrants towards it.

In Canada, there are many immigration programmes, which offer Canada Permanent Resident Visa to talented and skilled professionals from around the world like QSWP (Quebec skilled worker program), Express Entry System, PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs), etc.

What is Permanent Resident Visa Canada?

 Permanent residency is regarded with anybody’s residential status in any country where they are not the citizen but allowed to reside in that country. People having this kind of residential status are called Permanent Resident.  The Canada permanent resident visa card is a legal proof of yours that you are living in Canada and you can work anywhere in Canada. People who are having the PR visa Canada card have the rights but not similar as the Canadian citizens have. If any PR card holder travels to another country he or she requires the Permanent Residency card to re-enter in Canada. The PR holders don’t have the right to vote and even Canadian passport.

Benefits of Permanent Resident

Some benefits of permanent resident visa are as follows:

  • They can work, study and live in Canada for as much time they want.
  • Healthcare benefits are available to them.
  • They pay low tax rate.
  • They also avail benefits like employment.
  • They can enjoy economic and social benefits of Canada.
  • The Applicant can apply for citizenship of Canada after living in Canada 3 years.
  • The Permanent Resident holder can also sponsor their relatives.
  • According to Canadian law, Permanent Resident can get the protection.

 Limitations of Permanent Resident

  • Permanent Resident can’t vote in Canadian elections.
  • PR holders are not allowed to handle any elected office.
  • They can’t get the Canadian passport.
  • They can’t get a job which needed security clearance on high levels.

How to get Permanent Resident Visa Canada?

  • An application with proper documents like personal identification documents educational diplomas, certificates, and degrees, or sponsor letter should be submitted.
  • Application fee should be paid
  • Needed a medical certificate
  • Criminals record should be checked
  • Educational Credential Assessment(ECA)
  • The applicant has to attend and pass the interview with immigration council.
  • The applicant has to take skills assessment test.
  • Refugee’s status proof.
  • For the initial time of applicant in Canada sufficient funds needed.
  • Applicants have to pass the language test.
  • Additional fees for different categories have to be pay.

Different Categories of PR Visa

  • Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program,
  • Provincial Nominee Program,
  • Skilled immigrants via Express Entry,
  • Family Class Immigration,
  • Live in Caregiver Visa,
  • Investors Entrepreneurs and Self Employed.

 Every category takes some time in the procedure. The processing time for these programs is as below:

  • 6 months for Canada Express Entry
  • 4 to 12 months for Canada PNP Programs
  • 24 to 36 months for Quebec program

After getting Permanent Resident Visa Canada one can fulfill their dream of great future.

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