How To Apply For A Working Holiday Visa In Australia?

If you have decided to move to the Australia for investing your precious time by vacationing and at the same time working there, then the working holiday visa is convenient for you. There are different aspects that play a great role in the application process when it comes to applying to the working holiday visa in Australia. You should get familiar with all of them so that it may not end up with any hassle or confusion. The new working holiday visa Australia is also termed as WHM Visa. It gives youngsters a chance to enjoy working holidays in the Australia.

Young people, who are between the age of eighteen and thirty can go for this option. This visa is all about giving them an opportunity to take the benefit of the working holidays that is an extended stay complemented by working in the country. It can be eligible for up to twenty four months.

Conditions to know

The scheme of the visa provides Australia working holiday visa owner’s casual work rights so that they can supplement their travels. Work experienced must be related to the primary purpose of holidaying and employment for more than six months with any of the one employers is not permitted. For a first working holiday visa, the application must be made offshore that is not in Australia.

Basic requirements are:

  • An applicant must have a valid passport with at least six months until renewal
  • Your age must be 18 and 30 years
  • An applicant must have enough funds to support yourself when you reach the Australia

In terms of health and character requirements, you should also meet them. You must not have any considerable medical issues and criminal convictions. To get more information, visit online.

The extension of the visa

Can the visa be extended? The government will permit the holders of the working holiday visa a chance to apply for a second WHM given that they have worked as a quantified worker in regional Australia for three months. Visa holders working in the country in many primary industries like plant or animal cultivation, tree farming, fishing, mining, work related to the construction and many others are eligible to apply for a second visa working holiday visa. They can extend their trip from twelve-twenty four months for a second visa. It can be made both onshore and offshore in Australia.

Eligible countries

Before starting the application process, you should know about the working holiday visa Australia eligible countries to ensure that you can apply or not. Eligible countries include Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, UK, Japan, Republic of Cyprus, Norway, Italy, France, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Hong Kong, and a lot more. By visiting online, the information related to the eligible countries can be obtained easily. So, what are you waiting for? If you are from an eligible country and meet other eligibility requirements, then start with the application process and get a chance to enjoy your holidays in the Australia while working and earning a huge sum of money.

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