Budget Honeymooneron Exclusive Island Resort on Maldives!

If you are thinking that Maldives is only for the people with deep pockets, you are extremely wrong my friend but you need to be very thoughtful as well as well-acquainted as to where to stay in Maldives to save getting a hole burnt in your pocket. If money is a consideration, many people would be suspicious of Maldives honeymoon package but some research and a good travel agent can also be a savior in a place you are a foreigner.

Basic question- where to stay for honeymoon?

Actually, the question arises due to the basic fact that more than 80 islands among 200+ inhabited ones are catering to the needs of honeymooners looking for seclusion in luxury. That makes them exclusive or private. On the other hand are the islands with some sizable population and thus also have restaurants, guesthouses, hostel rooms, grocery stores and every other thing a population expects to live life conveniently. Tourists enjoy many options to be penny-savvy which is understandably not the case of private or exclusive island resorts.

Exclusive resorts also offer a privacy that isn’t possible at any resort in Public or Local Islands due to the restrictions observed by the country being an Islamic nation; female need to cover shoulder and thigh at beaches which is not the case on private islands.

Budget Honeymooners, here comes the gem of the advices.

Staying at a Private / Exclusive Island Resort

Those looking for romantic getaway and saved up for this trip, there are some affordable luxury resorts on exclusive islands. Compared to the rest of their counterpart they cost much low; consider spending somewhere around 200-300 USD for a night when others are charging thousands of USD per night. You just need to ditch costly place like Four Seasons for Fihalhohi Island Resort or Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort. You need to count in the low or high tourist season as well to make the best of your every dollar.

Then there’s the case of type of accommodations you might be dreaming of: water villas and rooms by the beach. Choose overwater bungalow only if your planning includes staying in them as these are often the costliest ones. Rooms with beachfront are considerably cheaper.

Additional tips:

  • The prices showed online do not include taxes and overhead. So look at the final price (which adds around 23% of the mentioned price) before confirming the bookings.
  • See if the airport transfers are arranged by the resort or could be self-managed; the latter definitely brings down the cost, however some resorts have mandatory airport transfer so you can do nothing about it except paying.
  • If you are asking touring options on the resort, your chances of going pennywise are non-existent. Best would be to finally checkout from there and go on Island-hopping.
  • Lunch / Dinner at exclusive resorts are going to be a costly affair. Breakfast is often included in the price but you can also select as per your need, i.e. bed and breakfast (BnB), full-boarding (all meals included) or, half-boarding (lunch and dinner included).

Do tell us how well your honeymoon in Maldives went, especially if you were on a budget.

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