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Carpet making is an age old practice in India. It is believed that carpets and rugs were originally a part of the luxurious lifestyle of Persia and Regions of Afghanistan and, Babur, after coming to India, missedthose Persian rugs. Akbar, the pioneer of the Mughal empire in India, was the first one to introduce carpets to India. Originally, the art of carpet weaving was meant to be learned by the prisoners in Akbar’s reign, so that they can improve their standards of living. Many accomplished carpet weavers were brought from Persia to impart the knowledge of carpet weaving to the prisoners. Over the years, the Indians mastered the skill of weaving rugs and carpets. In fact they became better at it, than the Persian weavers from whom they had originally learnedit.

Soon, the carpet manufacturers in India were experimenting with carpet making, adding the Indian flavor to it.

Important carpet manufacturing centres of India :

Carpet making in India is prevalent in the northern part of the country. Bhadohi, Jaipur, Agra, Kashmir Amritsar and Mirzapur are the major carpet weaving centres in India. Every place has its own specialties in carpet weaving which makes them unique to the region. For example :

  • Bhadohi : this area produces highest number of carpets in India. It is famous for the variety in range and design it provides in carpets and floor rugs. The specialties of this region are woolen hand tufted Persian design, Indo Nepal designs, Shaggy carpets, hand tufted, loom Knotted, Tibetan carpets and durries made from natural fibres.
  • Agra : one of the earliest carpet manufacturing area of India. The specialties of this region are Turkmen, Persian and Aubussan carpets.
  • Jaipur : situated in Rajasthan, Jaipur is well known for its carpets. It specializes in hard back and soft back carpets. Other best selling carpets from Jaipur include the Wool / Silk flower carpets and handspun knotted carpets.
  • Mirzapur : Mirzapur is a city of Uttar Pradesh. The specialties of this region are Kilims, woolen durries and loom carpets. The other varieties like the hand knotted and hand tufted carpets are also produced.
  • Kashmir : the carpets made in the Kashmir region of India, majorly draw inspiration from the Persian rugs. Intricately designed, these carpets are a specimen of skilled craftsmanship. Kashmiri silk woven carpets are especially loved world wide.
  • Panipat : this region of Haryana is known for its handmade durries, tufted carpets, Shaggy carpets and other varieties of floor covering.
  • Gwalior : Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh is famous for its Viscose variety of carpets.
  • Kerala : this region specializes in producing coir carpets. Coir and jute blended with rubber and cotton are used.
  • West Bengal : it is the largest jute producing area. The specialties of this region are Kilims and durries made from jute.

The quality carpets of India, handmade with love,have a huge market in the world. In today’s world of e-commerce you can easily buy these exclusive Indian carpets and floor rugs online.


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