Delhi and its Culture – An Introduction to Tourists

You know that Delhi has a marvelous past within one day at the city. Such an amazing city must surely have an interesting past. After all, it is not chosen as the capital of a country for no reason. Delhi has always been special, especially among rulers. The city is ancient, dates back to many centuries. It has seen may ups and downs and faced lots of changes be it culturally or politically. All those years have made the city a hub of heritage, culture and traditions.

What is fascinating is how the city and its people have learnt to blend the ancient marvels along with modern lifestyles with so much ease. The people have not given up their old traditions and values, but still have conquered the world with their modern perspective towards life.

On one side there is the old Delhi which keeps the traditions and culture intact while on the other side is the New Delhi where all the action lies. There are ancient monuments and modern skyscrapers. There are the red fort, jantarmantar and qutubminar from the old world. There are also parliament building, lotus mahal and aksharadham from the modern world. The cultural mélange is also visible with people going to the famous Nizamuddin Shrine as well as the ChattarpurMandir. And in the evenings, people go to the malls, pubs and discotheques. This is how diverse a city can get.

Coming the food, again Delhi is all about taking the best from all around the country and the world. You get the best CholeBhature, Paratha, JalebiandRabdiin some restaurants of Delhi. You can get the best momos in Delhi too. And street food… this needs a special mention because the chats that you get on the streets of Delhi, you get it anywhere. The food culture of Delhi includes the ancient recipes like Mughalai biryani passed down from generations, also the recipes like pavbhaji or a dosa that have been brought from other parts of India.

As a capital city of the country, Delhi acts like a big brother who sees to that everyone in the family is happy. Thus, there are celebrations of all festivals and big events. There are the Independence Day and republic day celebrations, then there is Diwali, Ganesh Chathurthi, Eid, DurgaPuja, GuruPurab, Christmas and Buddha Purnima.

If you are in Delhi for one day or one month, no matter the span of your stay, make sure you do not miss these three things in Delhi – food, sightseeing and shopping. You can stay at hotels on hourly basis in Delhi if your trip is short.

Travelling in Delhi is easy. There is a metro rail service which is very convenient. You can also hire cabs, auto rickshaws and tongas. There are many places where you can shop on a budget like the Sarojini market, karolbhag, Delhi haat and the various malls.

Soak in the culture of Delhi and enjoy the time that you stay here. You will certainly have some of the best moments of your life in this memorable city.

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