Difference Between Home Schooling Vs Attending Preschool for Kids

Many parents today choose to home school their children, rather than let them mix in preschools. What benefits of collective play and learning will your child miss out on if he or she is nurtured outside of a group environment?

Interpersonal Skills

First of all, young children learn a lot about the world and themselves through interaction. Nurseries and kindergartens in Singapore recognise this eminent benefit, which is why they allow the kids they are in charge of to roam and interact freely. Around the age of two to five, children in preschools are already cultivating interpersonal skills that will become the fundamentals of their communication in and integration into school and working life in future, as well as play a part in their success and these environment’s eventual perception of them.

Harnessing Various Modes of Learning

While home tutors might proffer one-to-one attention, preschools are generally preferred by research experts, as not only do children enrolled learn from their teachers as well as fellow students, they can also be taught using a variety of otherwise large and/or expensive equipment. Apparatus like exercise areas, playgrounds and musical instruments take up much space, but have been proven to aid learning greatly, and more importantly, foster within preschoolers a desire to learn.

Known as one of the most prestigious Preschools in Singapore, Mind Champs has observed that children absorb and retain much more and much faster through different styles of learning that involve various activities like physical activity and music, which is why it has developed the S.M.I.L.E.S. Environment, which essentially is an environment of engagement and security; of nurturing and exploration. S.M.I.L.E.S. stands for Sensory, Motor (Music and Movement), Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social, which is a principle that acknowledges that brains, in their formative stages, need all aspects of mind stimulated simultaneously.

Emphasis on Character

Having observed the development of many batches of students, many tenured institutions have developed optimal ways of imparting values to their students. They values system, for example, is aimed at propelling children to succeed in their future endeavours by endowing them with traits such as confidence, gratefulness, integrity, perseverance, respect, reflection, creativity, compassion and life-long learning. They are imparted not just by one teacher, but backed by the wealth of experience that the whole organisation’s tenured educators share.

Horizontal Exposure                                    

Enrolling your child in a multifaceted preschool also encourages him or her to pursue other interests. Exposure to other available classes like music, dance, theatre, public speaking and creative writing can only be a boon for infants, as their inclinations toward any of these fields becomes more quickly apparent. Especially when presented in fun and engaging ways, parents and teachers can then foster their children’s talents and inclinations, after identifying them early.

Combined Experience in Prepping Preschoolers

Preschool teachers who have nurtured many young people tend to be able to identify children’s stumbling blocks before they present themselves. They have observed and are wary of common challenges that children of this age face on their learning journeys, and know the necessary actions and solutions for circumventing them. Setting a firm foundation in young children equips them well for better absorption, which is reinforced by research and beliefs of most of the top preschools. On e of the best Preschool in Singapore like Mind Champs vouch for the belief that nurturing inquisitive, resourceful and adaptive children is key to maximizing their potential for growth, strength and resilience.

Their curriculum is tailored to appropriately equip young people, through modules like emotional intelligence building strategies, creativity and theatrical strategies, associative thinking and cognitive strategies, communication strategies, narrative intelligence strategies, language and reading strategies, numeracy strategies as well as other facets of learning involving nature, the environment, music and movement.

Before the real competition begins, many students of preschools in Singapore are already very well prepared, through foundation courses in various subjects as well as engaging learning environments that make preschoolers more enthusiastic about knowledge and growth.

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