How to disinfect your bedding in four easy steps?

Bedding, if not cleaned for long can amass enough dead skin cells and dust mites to double its weight in around five to ten years; not to mention the killing odour! The very thought of resting on all that filth is enough to give the goose bumps so it’s pretty clear why bedding must be cleaned and properly sanitised.

You probably spend one-third of your life in bed and not cleaning it raise the risk of certain allergies and transmutable illnesses. Therefore, deep cleaning is important and that goes double if you’ve just purchased usedbedding. No doubt, thorough sterilisation at home isn’t possible but a little bit of extra attention can keep it in perfect order and health-friendly.

  1. Vacuum treatment

Before giving the bed a cleaning treatment, you better wash the crevice and upholstery vacuum cleaner tools with a mixture of hot water and half-a-cup of oxidised bleach. Rinse the equipment well and let it dry completely thus preventing dust and dirt from transferring to the bed from attachment.

Take the sheets off and place them in sunlight for at-least two days while you vacuum both sides of the bedding.The upholstery attachment would help to clean the sides whereas crevice tool would bust the dirt along the pleated edges. Work the vacuum thoroughly over the entire bedding that covers both sides and all four corners.

  1. Stain treatment

Carefully inspect the bedding for any stains. Upon eyeing them, blot gently with a hydrogen peroxide dampened rag. You can also blend one-fourth cup of liquid detergent with a little hot water till the bowl is full of lather. Now, lift the bubbles using a spoon (not the water) and rub gently with a soft brush or sponge.

  1. Sanitise

Alcohol is considered an excellent sanitising agent as well as odour remover. So, all you need is to pour or spray a bottle of alcoholic liquid and mist the surface of the bed lightly with it. Let it air dry but before treatment, make sure the liquid won’t leave its own stains behind!

  1. Kick-off dust mites

A research at Alexandria University, Egypt concluded that essential oils made from eucalyptus and clove helps rid dust mites for good. So give your bedding the natural treatment but before putting on the sheets, wash them in a mixture of hot water and around 10 drops of these essential oils. Depending on the size and nature of cleaning, you can work-up the mixture further.


  • If you’ve plans to steam-clean the bedding, better leave the job for professionals as it leaves water behind that can damage the foam quality.
  • Try to use as less liquid as possible and avoid getting the pad or foam wet. This usually happens when you wring clothes and damp sponges directly over the bedding so be extra careful!
  • Don’t ever use dry cleaning chemicals as it can seriously damage bed fibres and might be toxic!


By following the above steps, you probably have the answer to the query as how to clean your bedding easily and hassle-free!

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