How Educating Girls Helps The Society

India is a country with numerous religions, and every religion teaches one thing that is to respect women. No matter what culture, society or class we come from we all pray to gods and goddesses. Especially in a country where we worship the cow, and it is considered as an avatar of the goddess, women must be treated with utter respect. But, the sad reality is that it’s not true. Women are not only disrespected but are also kept deprived of the most basic necessity of modern day life – education.

Education for girls in India is one thing that has been the issue for a long time and seen never ending debates. Politicians have taken girls education in India as a topic in every election, but there hasn’t been any improvement that can be called as amazing. It’s a problem with the Indian society that people don’t understand the importance of education for girls and think that society can progress without it. But, the truth is no society can grow and get developed without the contribution of women. Education for girls is equally important and necessary as it is for boys and it’s high time that Indian society, or any society for that matter, understand this fact.

Without educated women, there’s no good that can come to society.

Let’s understand the fact that people can comprehend easily and won’t hurt the pretentious sentiments of a particular religion:

Better growth of country: It is always better to have two people working rather than one. As of now more than 70% of women in India are unemployed and are not contributing to the GDP directly. If the issue of education for girls is taken seriously and women are provided equal chances of getting a quality education, then the status-quo of Indian growth rate would be completely different.

Empowerment for girls: Providing education to girls is something that can set their path to a successful and independent life. Education gives girls a basic understanding of the society and prepares them for the competitive world. So, that even if they face some problems in life, they’re ready to tackle it and move forward.

With the right education, women feel empowered and earn a sense of honor and dignity in their life. One woman who gets educated is an inspiration or a role model for many others in the family or the society.

Share the burden: Most of the Indian homes have a single person who earns bread and butter for their family which becomes stressful sometimes. But, if a woman is given proper education and the rights to work then she can share the responsibilities and the burden of earning a living for a household making life simpler and happier.

Working on the same issue and to improve the balance of society, Care India is an NGO that has made quite an effort. We really appreciate the movement by Care India as they realize the importance of the education for girls and are trying to make a difference.

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