Effective and Ineffective Methods for How to Make Yourself Throw Up

Vomiting is a natural mechanism of the body in an attempt to eliminate the toxic and harm from your body. Expelling spoiled food and substance is much better for you than enduring it as nausea outburst.

However, inducing the vomit needs extreme care and considered as the last method after reporting to your physician in 2 cases: you have food poisoning, and you swallowed non- corrosive substances like pills. Moreover, incorrect throwing up yourself can also cause harm to your body. So before acknowledging how to make yourself throw up, you should know when you should and should not make yourself throw up?

When induced vomiting causes harm to your body?

Throwing up after ingesting corrosive chemicals or poison is not recommended, especially when your physician warns you about vomiting.

The corrosive substances, such as bleach and gasoline, cause harm to your digestive tract and airways. Furthermore, the solution can go into the airway and move into your lungs when you try to vomit so hard and incorrectly.

The toxin might not be eliminated from your stomach due to vomiting as the chemical substances dilate in stomach juice and adhere to the stomach lining and destroy it.

Substances that can lather up: Detergent, soaps, and shampoos are all foamy substances that contain lightweight substances. These materials can reach the airways and lungs when you are trying to puke. The respiratory tracts then become irritated, inflamed and burnt.

Swallowing hard and sharp things: Usually, the normal people are all aware of swallowing hard strange objects. But in some case, you are eating large seed fruit and accidentally swallow the seed. Or the babies and developmentally disabled people are subjects who tend to mistake objects for food. Buttons, coins, rings, and toys can scratch and cause injury to your throat as well as the digestive tract.

Acidic liquid: Pesticide, the acid will irritate and burn your esophagus and mouth rapidly. It is considered as an emergency and requires medical interference immediately.

Call the poison center, ambulance immediately and avoid vomiting when accidentally ingesting one of the substances above.

Never throw up yourself as a method to lose your weight. Eating disorder such as bulimia, malnutrition, and digestive tract irritation are all risks you can get after trying to vomit so that you can eat as much as you can while your body cannot absorb calories and make you fat.

Pregnant women are warned not to make themselves throw up as it leads to dehydration and deprive nutrients of the baby.

What is the proper time for you to vomit? Initially, talk and consult your doctor and physician if you have an idea of making yourself throw up. Spoiled, rotten food or non- corrosive chemicals like pills, heroin, and other drugs are allowed on the list which you can vomit after ingesting them.

How to make yourself throw up safely and effectively

Watch other people throw up

It is a real nightmare for anyone when sitting with a car sick person. In case you are trying to puke, and nobody around you is vomiting, watching a video of others throwing up is a solution. If this method is not enough, try the index finger method below.

Use your finger

Using index finger is considered as the quickest and safest way to trigger your gag reflex. It is not different for you to use other fingers, but index finger is the most flexible and convenient finger to insert into your throat.

  • Wash your hands with soap and make sure your nail length does not scratch your throat by cutting nails before using index to make yourself throw up
  • Decide the place that receives your poke, such as in the toilet, a bucket or disposable vomit bags when you are on tour or cars.
  • Insert your index finger into your throat and reach towards the back of the throat but do not try to press the belly. Your stomach has endured enough stress from vomiting.
  • Keep pressing the back of throat till you are ready to puke. Try to vomit again if you still feel nausea.
  • Rinse and gargle your mouth clearly and compensate the stomach juice as well as electrolytes with the Oresol solution or warm salt water.
  • Remember not to brush the teeth immediately after vomiting. Your enamel is sensitive in 30 minutes after having contact with stomach acid.

Use a toothbrush

Is there any of you feel nausea while brushing your teeth? Yes, at least once. The brush works as the same way as index finger does. Just dip the clean brush in the water to make it wet and touch the back of the throat or press the deep part of your tongue near the palate. The nauseous urge will come soon.

Take emetics

As its name, over- the- counter emetics are effective when you are unable to trigger your gags reflex. Ipecac syrup is the most common emetic. However, there are some notes for you when using emetics

  • Drink two glasses of water after taking syrup.
  • If you do not seem to vomit after taking the emetic, repeat the same dose.
  • Contact the doctor if emetic does not help.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not encouraged to vomit and use emetics.
  • Children under age of 12 are not allowed to use emetics.
  • Drowsiness, allergic reaction, and dizziness can happen after taking ipecac syrup

Eating mustard or drinking its solution can make you expose to horrible smells so you will feel more nauseated. Moreover, there is no scientific evidence which proves that they are effective methods for “how to make yourself throw up”. On the other hand, overeating is not recommended because the food can promote absorption and digestion in your stomach, in contrast of your aim to get rid of harmful substances from your body.

What are the side effects of too much throwing up?

  • Dehydration: vomiting makes you lose an amount of water which contains electrolytes. Therefore, compensate the body fluid with the Oresol solution is necessary.
  • Burning sensation in the esophagus: The stomach acid makes your digestive tract irritated and swollen. Moreover, forceful vomit can tear your esophagus. This condition requires medical interference as soon as possible.
  • Some people have breathing difficulty after trying to puke themselves.
  • Tooth enamel damage. As mentioned before, the stomach acid is not good for your teeth and damage your teeth enamel remarkably




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