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In India a lot of importance is placed on education; as there is a lot of competition which begins with enrolling the children in the best schools and it continues till the kid goes to the university. This is the reason why parents become quite tensed when it comes to school admissions; parents who are looking for a good school in Bangalore should not worry as there are plenty of good schools there but selecting the right and best school is something that is important. Parents should make a list of all schools in Bangalore and then judge them on the following parameters.

Parameters for choosing a school

  • Academics- This is the most important parameter, hence parents should find out about the academic records of the school and discuss it with other parents before enrolling in their child in a school. It is academics on which the child’s future depends upon so it should be upto the mark, only the name of the school is not important.
  • Co-curricular- Except for academics another factor that is of great importance is the co-curricular activities that are undertaken at a school and along with them the quality of the activities also is something that is important. Co-curricular shape the all round personality of a child and makes them confident and outspoken so a school with good quality of co-curricular activities should be considered.
  • Inter-school activities- These activities help a child to interact with other children belonging to other schools; which boosts their confidence. So just like co-curricular, inter school activities are also important. They build a child’s personality and make them more outspoken, participating in such inter-school activities helps them become a scholar and not just a regular school going kid.
  • Environment- The atmosphere of the school premises is also something that needs to be kept in mind; the classrooms should be tidy, the lobby should be clean along with all this the teachers behaviour is also important because of the teacher is not good then no child would enjoy going to a school. The environment should be stress-free because if the children are under pressure they will never be able to excel in life.
  • School fees- Yes, this is also a parameter that is of great importance; these days the school fees are quite exorbitant that everybody cannot afford. Parents should always choose a school according to their budget constraints, because it is not about a year or two but it is about 12 years and so keeping all this in mind only should parents choose a school for their kids.

There are plenty of schools in Bangalore and online also can one find the list of top 10 schools in Bangalore, so parents can refer these lists and do a proper research about the following aspects and then only select a school for their child. Education is important and more than that quality education is important so choose accordingly.

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