How to Inflate your Car Tires in the Winter Season?

Did you know how important it is to keep up with the proper traction and handling in order to have a driving safety? Your car tires play a significant role in this. In fact the properly inflated tires ensure the least wear & tear, that’s what make them last longer. As per the tire manufacturers, it’s really important to keep your car tires at the proper tire pressure especially in winter months. It will not only give you a safe drive but also will eliminate the likelihood of encounteringhazardous driving conditions. Before we delve into how-to’s of proper tire inflation, let’s first check out the pros of proper tire inflation. So let’s dig in;

Fuel Economy: As we all know that it’s really an important things to buyers. So just remember that if your car tires are properly inflated, you will get the better mileage. So you can have fewer visit to the gas station.

Less Tire Wear: Do you want your car tyre Dubai to wear at its least and be long lasting? Everyone knows that properly inflated tires will not wear out as fast as the tires are underinflated.

Safety is a Big Plus: It’s really a significant factor yet benefit. If you want to have a better handling that for sure you do, must have properly inflated car tires. If the pressure of your car tyre Dubai is low, the handling will severely get affected due to loss of traction. Not to mention, it can also cause an accident.

So here’s how you can inflate your car tires properly in the cold weather;

  • Make sure you check the recommended tire pressure. Following the manufacturer’s instruction is the best tip here. In case you don’t really have enough idea about the correct tire pressure, you can visit the manufacturer’s website.
  • Pressure gauge is simply an amazing tool to use. It will help you check the pressure in each tire. Make sure to use it especially in the cold weather. You can’t miss out the spare tire as well. Here is an important reading for you to keep in mind, the pressure will drop approx. 1 pound per sq. inch for each 10 degree drop in the temp.
  • Right before you start driving, make sure to measure the tire pressure. As per the manufacturer’s guideline, tire pressures must be check when they are cold. Don’t measure it right after you have parked as it will give an incorrect reading.
  • Most common misconception is here. Deflation give better traction. Not a chance. In fact, this method won’t work at all. Therefore, avoid deflating your car tires in order to improve the traction on snow or ice. If you do this, the tires will generate excessive amount of heat which may lead to blow out and then an accident.


Do you want to learn more about how you can inflate your car tires in the winter season in order to have improved traction and better handling? Just check out the article now.

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