Kasavu or Kanjeevaram – What’s your pick!?

Have you seen magic draped in nine yards? Well, just look at your mom or grand mom if they are wearing a saree. The nine-yard beauty is something all women hold close to their heart. Sarees are not just cloth to be draped around our waists; they are much more than that. They have a deeper emotional connect for us, all because of our mothers.

We all grew up draping our mothers’ sarees around our waist and waiting for the day when we finally grown up to wear a sari in any occasion. Be it your cousin’s wedding or college farewell, we all wait to get wrapped in magic. Saree is a traditional female garment with various styles of draping. Every state has its own variety of different fabric of saris. Famous sarees like Banarasi Silk Saree, Patola Saree, Kanjeevaram silk Saree, Kerala saree and much more, these Famous Indian Saris is crafted in a special way using different fabrics and embroidery techniques.

There are more than 30 types of regional sarees are found in India.

Every woman share the same love for saree then you must think of expanding your collection with the most beautiful south Indian sarees. From Kerala sarees to Banarasi and Tant to Kota, there is a long list of south-Indian sarees styles available in India. Especially these south Indian sarees got a certain charm which enhances the beauty of a woman and transforms their look from a girl to a lady. They are fun to wear and give a proper traditional look with the vibrant colours and amazing intricate embroidery and work, these sarees can be the best option for you to try.

So if you are looking for a perfect drape for your college farewell or best friend’s wedding, what would you pick- Kasavu sarees or Kanjeevaram?

Is there any girl out there who doesn’t know about the Kanjeevaram sarees!? They come from a place called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu and highly demanded in South India. Kanjeevaram sarees are made with utmost care by the craftsman and hence they are known for its excellent & elaborate gold pattern borders and for the exquisite south-Indian look. The bright colour remains by far the most attractive element in this saree which is high preferred by the South Indian women.

From the land of ‘God’s own country’, Kerala’s Kasavu emerges as one of the finest fabric which define the essence of the beauty of every woman in Kerala. From wedding functions to festivals, women love draping Kasavu sarees around their waists. The whole nation has accepted the culture as a fashion trend whole heartedly.

Though wearing saree is no big deal but some specific occasions demand extra efforts and styling hacks to make heads turn around. And with updating fashion industry and evolving style senses, there are a lot of types you can drape your saree around your waist and grab all the eyes and attention for all the right reasons.

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