Make Your SEO Campaign Successful by Adding Instagram Marketing into The Mix

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at improving your business website’s exposure to every average Internet user. For this, there are many ways, through which you can channelize majority of the online traffic to your site. It is resembled by Google’s Search Engine Ranking. So if your business has an online presence, your aim must obviously be to get the first Rank in Search Engine Result Rankings by Google.

So how can Instagram help you in achieving this? The answer is that Instagram cannot directly help your business in SEO, but it can indirectly work wonders to improve your business’ online exposure. The reason behind Instagram not qualifying in SEO contribution is that Google itself has not specifically included Instagram in the social media signals that influence the search engine rankings. However, Instagram has several features and tools which can help you to attract more online traffic towards your business website like Use of Popular Hashtags, Tools exclusively available for Advertisements, Adding Link in your profile, Using Location feature, and Celebrity Accounts Influence. However, most importantly, you need to create a “Business Page” on Instagram and not a personal page.

What are hashtags and how can using popular hashtags help your brand?

You might be aware of the term “keyword,” and if not, then to put it briefly, a keyword is a specific term which Internet users can use in their searches to search for specific content and websites. While this is the case in search engines, it is slightly different on Instagram. On Instagram, you have the option to “Search” for various individual users or places or else you can search for popular hashtag trends. While searching for Users and places can be done by typing their specific initials, hashtags are more like viral trends started by random users through their posts.

All you have to do to popularize a hashtag is that you need to put it in the “Caption” or description of your posts. However, be sure to do thorough research as to which hashtags are popular and trending so that you can use them. To do your research on Hashtags, you can use the tool “Websta” which directly provides you information about the most popular hashtags which have been used most frequently. So the bottom line is, you must be aware of the popular hashtags and use them in the caption of the posts on the Instagram Id of your business.

What are Instagram ads and how to use it for your business page?

For all business accounts, you have the most useful Ad feature on Instagram which you can use to create Ad Campaigns for your business products. All you need to do is go to the Advertisement feature, then correctly create a blueprint of the design in which you want to create your advertising with the help of “Ads Manager” or else you can also use a third party application like “Power Editor.” Once your ad is ready, now you have to negotiate on a budget. On the basis of this budget, it will depend how long your ad will remain on display. After this, you then have to finally place your ad with the help of the “Publish” button in the Ad feature. You can insert your business website’s link in your ad. Thus, you can successfully publish several ads on Instagram of different products.

However, how will this contribute to your SEO? The answer is, once you place an ad, it will instantly create awareness about your brand and company. Secondly, it will help you to achieve maximum online coverage which will in turn help to convert potential customers into actual customers. Most importantly, the existence of your business website link in your ads will increase the online traffic attracted to your site, getting more clicks.

What are followers and how can a large number of followers help your Business Page in SEO?

Instead of the “Friends” concept on Facebook, Instagram has the concept of “Followers and Following” whereby, to see someone’s posts you have to follow his/her account while they too would have to do the same to see your posts. So the more the number of followers in your business account more will be the advantage of popularity your business will get. However, it is obvious that you will not get thousands or millions of followers overnight. So what can you do to achieve the quick popularity of your business on Instagram? For that, you can just approach users that open accounts and raise followers exclusively with an intention to sell them. Thus, you can get a ready made account with real Instagram followers without having to wait for a prolonged period.

However, how does the number of followers help you in SEO? The answer is, if you put multiple links to your website in the profile of your business account, all your followers will thereby have access to your site directly through Instagram. So this in a way will help you in attracting the online traffic to your website.


Thus, you might have observed that although Instagram is not directly useful for SEO (as far as Google Search Engine Result Rankings are concerned); it has a significant role in helping your Business SEO indirectly. It does so by helping you gain brand awareness, maximum popularity, and a huge number of website clicks on your Instagram Ads and links in your Business Page Profile. All you need to ensure is that you have the correct knowledge of the various Instagram tools.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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