Need Tips To Design Your Daughter’s Room?

Are you thinking of designing your kid’s room but have absolutely no clue how to go about it? So, well let’s talk some more about it. Now designing an adult’s room can be so different from designing a kid’s room. Where adults look for comfort and class at the same time, with kids it’s more about fun and something playful. God forbid you go and do something dull and boring with their room.

In today’s article I will give out a few tips that will help you design your child’s room making it more vibrant and fun. I am going to be foucssing on how to decorate a girl’s room. Because again designing a boy’s room is going to be completely different from that of a girl’s. So, these tips are for a girl’s room.

  1. Theme- first of all decide a theme for the room. Maybe you could go about the colour combinations or if you are going with some popular Barbie theme or a fairy tale theme. The theme of the room will help you take any further major decisions.
  2. Bed- the bed is the most prominent part of the room. As a parent I know you will try to get your child the most comfortable bed. But that is not our concern today. We want something fun. Now parents might wonder how beds can be made fun. Well, my suggestion is to go for princess bunk beds for girls. We all know the mechanism of bunks. Princess bunks are bunks that are made in shape of castle to give your little girl the feel of being a real princess. It is really popular amongst young girls. So, take my suggestion and give it a go.
  3. The wall paper/paint- when it comes to choosing wall paper of wall paint don’t go in for anything dull. In fact try getting your child’s opinion. But in case your child is too young for it, then go with your kid’s favourite colour. This will definitely excite your child and the smile on your princess’s face would be priceless to you.
  4. Curtains- every room has curtains because they are certainly a must. But, when you have already done so much with the bed and the all papers, I would suggest you to keep it a little low with the curtains. Don’t go ahead and make it look completely pale. Go along with theme that you have decided. If your wall paper is very playful, then you could keep curtains a little simpler because if you over do it, the room might look over crowded and clumsy.
  5. Budget- budget is the main factor while designing the room. But don’t worry; you can do all of this at a very reasonable price. You can get cool bunk beds for girls in affordable price and they also come in handy if you wish to accommodate someone else.

So, don’t worry about the budget I am pretty sure you are going to do great with your daughter’s room with these tips!

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