An Overview of the B2C Lead Generation Tools

You are no longer alone in developing creative ideas and increasing the sales funnel for your business. There are companies that have a separate lead generation and marketing department creating customer-centric ideas for accelerating their sales and getting more leads every day. But you need not take all the pressure to decide what’s best for your company. There exists abundant of resources, tools, and even agencies that will help you to take the correct decisions in setting up an unbeatable lead generation campaign. The lead generating companies have skilled and experienced agents who can guide you to effectively use all the resources and yield the best leads for your company. They maintain a perfect balance of automation, lead generation, simple analytics, and quality leads.

With so many tools out there, it is hard to decide which one will suit you the best and save your money on the other hand. So, here are some simple tools categorised on the basis of industries and what purpose they serve:

All in one B2C lead generation service:

A tool in particular that most of the business entrepreneurs suggest is HubSpot. Hubspot is considered to be an exclusive all-in-one tool used by hundreds and thousands of business professionals every day. With great blogs posts and unbeatable content, business entrepreneurs use the HubSpot tool to create their B2C lead generation channels.

Deep analytics & Metrics:

Relevant content and information are important for any industry. When we talk about gathering quality leads, the first and foremost thing which should be done is to fetch all the information about the targeted lead. Some of the best companies mine their data from Eloqua and Marketo. Some of the best tools available in the market are:

·        Google analytics attribution tracking:

Google tracking assist you to completely monitor the website gentry, helping you to know which website is generating the maximum traffic. You need not post your content depending on the guesswork.

·        Batchbook:

Batchbook is a system where you can keep all your leads, data, contacts, and sales organised. You need not search through your system anymore, Batchbook is efficient enough to organise everything without your help.

Multimedia content resources:

The maximum traffic for any webpage or organisation is generated by the content. Be it B2C or B2B lead generating companies in UK, without content, there are no leads. Some of the tools are:

·        Broadlook Capture:

You can stumble upon the quality leads by simply surfing through different web pages. The actual problem is how to record this information so that later it might help you to find those leads easily. Broadlook’s capture is a google chrome plugin that aids you in quickly recording the important information for you. The information like the web pages, emails, and any document can later be used by the marketing team.

·        WordPress:

WordPress is a great tool for bloggers, who want to generate heavy and speedy traffic. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

Marketing score:

With a tool like marketing score, you can get the insight of the health of your marketing.

Content repurposing:

Suppose you have a webpage with daily blog posts and articles on it. You need to post your blogs according to the customers what they are particularly looking for. Content repurposing is a multi-channel marketing tactic that translates your content and message in any format you want and on every channel with a motto of showing the customers what they want to see.


Your tools and resources do not need to be expensive or they are just not the tools for the larger business.You can also use those tools for any type and size of the business. Lead generating companies use these tools effectively which help them to generate huge traffic for their site and eventually those leads are converted into customers thus, increasing the revenue and the sales.


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