Pastor Chris and His Thoughts On Marriage and Mastering

Dr. Ijabla Raymond is a London physician who practices at the NHS Trust Hospital in the United Kingdom. Dr. Raymond is an avid writer on his homeland of Nigeria. Ijabla writes a personal blog on Nigerian religious events, political events, social and economic current events. He proclaims himself to be a freethinker, humanist, and agnostic, even though he works in a healing industry.

Dr. Raymond stops at calling himself an atheist because he can’t prove or disprove the existence of God. His example of his God believe is equated to his medical profession where he says that I have seen oxygen, but it helps to keep people alive.

Dr. Raymond was born into a Christian family, but over the years, he saw illness and disease cause the death of friends and family members. Ijabla could not understand why a God would allow these events to happen to good people. He doesn’t believe that just one religion (Christianity) has all the answers.

Dr. Ijabla Raymond often comments negatively on Nigerian pastors and their teaching beliefs. One such blog focused on Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who told his congregation that God created women as an afterthought!

However, on this purportedly Christian topic, Dr. Raymond is in agreement with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, at least in principle. Dr. Raymond reprints Pastor Oyakhilome’s rhetoric, while including his own philosophy on women, husbands, Christianity, and Islam.

Pastor Oyakhilome’s diatribe on wives, husbands, and master topic began at an informal question and answer session at a Believers’ Loveworld Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy meeting. At the meeting, a female pastor asked Pastor Chris why the wives of the Men of God were not named, in the Bible.

Rather than espousing his answer in a more succinct Christian teaching method, Pastor Oyakhilome responded in a curt manner by saying that she should ask God when she meets him. Interestingly enough, while addressing his congregation on how women were a second thought by God, Pastor Oyakhilome was also going through rumors of divorce and actual divorce proceedings by his estranged wife Rev. Anita.

Dr. Raymond finds parts of the teachings by Pastor Chris noting passages where Dr. Oyakhilome teaches that The Bible says that the man is the master who has authority over his wife and his family. Pastor Chris said that husbands and wives do not share the same authority as many women are champion today.

Instead, Pastor Chris said that if the father of women today, had talked to them authoritatively, that when women got married, their marriage would be more successful and happier. Pastor Oyakhilome further commented that when a woman gets married, she is under his authority and if a wife subjects herself to him then God will recognize what you are doing and shows the women as being right in her heart and is in line with His word on marriage.

Dr. Raymond cites the Pastor’s biblical reasoning on why God did not plan to create a woman. Apparently, Pastor Chris again cites Bible passages where God created animals, plants, etc., and said it was good and then created man to have authority over these things.

Pastor Chris said that it wasn’t until God saw that man was lonely, did God take man’s rib and create a woman as an afterthought. Continuing with his blog about Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Dr. Raymond passionately writes about how a religion like Islam should never advocate harming a woman who does not obey the men in their family. Dr. Raymond made it clear, that even though he supports Pastor Chris’s husband as master over his wife theory, he does not believe in subjugation for any person or gender.

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