Places to Visit in Mumbai

When you are travelling to Mumbai, you always carry a list of where to visit. But there are many places you may skip. Here are some places that you shouldn’t skip.

Byculla Zoo

The zoo situated in Mumbai is known as the Jijamata Udayan and locally this place is also known as the Byculla Zoo. This is a place which covers an area of 52 acres and this place is definitely one of the heritage visits in the city. Formerly this place was known as the Victoria Garden and much later it was renamed as Veermata Jijabai Bhoshale Udyan which is still present the official name of the Mumbai zoo. It is definitely the only abode of wild animals in this city and at present apart from the zoo, it also has a closed theater auditorium.

Wonder Park

Located in Nerul, the major attraction here is the Seven Wonders of the World. These are the Coliseum of Rome in Italy, Taj Mahal of Agra in India, Cristo Redeactor of Rio de Jeneiro in Brazil, Machu Pichu of Peru in South America, Great Wall of China on the Chinese border, Chichen Itaza in Yucantan of Mexico and Petrah Al Khajena of Mann in Jordan.  One can get to see her major information and minute details of every wonders in from tofu their replica here. Not only the wonders of the world, here can one find other major attractions as well. Among them, the toy train and the ferry rides are the most popular.

Shivaji Park

 It is located in Dadar area of the city and is famous as the largest park in the city. This place also has a lot of historical and cultural importance as there have been a lot of political gatherings here and lots of slogans were raised both in pre independence and post independence era. This place is also the cradle of the Indian cricket and the park covers an area of almost 28 acres. On the entrance to the east of the park there is a bust of Meenal Thackeray who was the wife of the Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray and this entrance is mainly for the pedestrians. Bal Thackeray was also cremated here after death.

Taraporewala Aquarium

If you are in Mumbai, it is for sure that you are going to visit Marine Drive. There you will get to see this. This aquarium was built and opened in the year 1951 and it contains mainly fresh water fishes and marine fishes as well. It is said that this aquarium contains more than 400 species of fishes. Though this place was opened long back it was closed for renovation few years back and again it was re opened in the year 2015. After the renovation has been done this aquarium has a 12 feet long glass tunnel made of acrylic and it is 180 degree. Then there is also a pool which is full of harmless and small or medium sized fishes which the children and touch and enjoy themselves.

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