Put on Your Hiking Boots: The 5 Majestic Hiking Trails in Australia You Should Visit

Australia is one of the countries that offer the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. If you visit its magnificent coastal trails, expansive desert plains, the rugged Australian outback, and beautiful mountain ranges, it’s not surprising why many hikers around the world flock to Australia to satisfy their wanderlust.

For sure, with all these fantastic offerings, hiking in Australia will be one of the best moments of your hiking life. So, if you want to experience Aussie hiking, here are the best five majestic hiking trails in Australia that you should visit.

Dove Lake Circuit, Cradle Mountain National Park

You’ll surely absorb the beauty of one of Australia’s nature gem if you hike around the shores of Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park. This popular six-kilometer hiking trail is a go-to trail for many hikers because it winds through the picturesque sceneries of Australia’s isolated south coast island of Tasmania.

In Dove Lake Circuit, you’ll take a view of the Glacier Rock which has some imprints made by Ice Age glaciers, and you can indulge yourself in the serene and refreshing atmosphere of Ballroom Forest. You can also take pictures of the famous boat shed there, built by the pioneer ranger at Cradle Mountain.

Whitsunday Great Walk aka The Conway Circuit

Many travelers around the globe visit the Whitsunday Islands for snorkeling and kayaking, but hikers prefer to experience the subtropical national park in the place.

The Whitsunday Great Walk stretch from Brandy Creek through Conway State Forest to Airlie Beach. Along the way, you’ll see the beautiful and thriving plant and tree species like tulip oaks, strangler figs, and Alexandra’s palms.

Then, in the midst of the greenery, you’ll take a glimpse of orange-footed scrub fowls, wompoo fruit doves, and the beautiful Ulysses butterflies flying around the plants. There are also area points that will let you have a great vantage point of view of the majestic Whitsunday Islands.

Wilderness Coast Walk, Victoria

This hiker favorite 100-kilometer hiking trail is sure to make you experience one of the memorable hiking adventures of your life. The Wilderness Coast weaves through the Gippsland’s Croajingolong national park, and the hiking track in the area is not well-defined which makes it a favorite for experienced hikers.

Along the way, you’ll have magnificent views of the ocean and the powdery white sand coast in the area. It’s also the main highlight of Wilderness Coast Walk the different wildlife and plant species, most of them you can only find in Australia.

Since the hiking trail in the Wilderness Coast Walk is challenging, it’s advisable that you equip yourself with the necessary camping essentials. You can check out Aussie Disposals for high-quality camping equipment before you take your journey.

Larapinta Trail, Northern Trail

Stretching from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder, the Larapinta Trail is another go-to place for many hikers, Australian and different nationalities alike. It’s 200-kilometer long trail that winds through dry creek beds, rugged terrains, and high mountains. It has 12 separate stopovers and more than 40 campsites all to the benefits of wanderers in the place.

You can also find historical sites and place that are sacred to the indigenous people living in the area. Yeah, the Larapinta Trails is a one-of-a-kind hiking trail that you’ll tread on in Australia.

Heysen Trail

If an epic hike is what you’re looking for in Australia, then look no further because the Heysen Trail will provide you that kind of epicness. The Heysen Trail is a 1,200-kilometer hike from Cape Jervis to Flinders Ranges, and it can take you to 50 days or more to complete the trail, an experience favored by hardcore hikers.

Along the way, you’ll witness works of Nature such as the majestic rock formations, beautiful coastal areas, vineyards, as well as the abundance of wildlife and plant species.


Australia has so much to offer to satisfy your passion for a great hiking adventure. The country boasts one of the worlds scenic and picturesque hiking trails filled with Nature’s gift such as the impressive rock formations, wonderful coastal areas, and thriving wildlife.


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