Reasons and State Of Concern Related To Addiction During Pregnancy

Any type of addiction is a matter of concern for the people. During normal condition or during pregnancy addiction has taken a toll on people and many women are suffering from complications during pregnancy. This matter of concern can only be eradicated when people stop addiction at any stages. But seems it has already created a stir in the society measures need to be taken to stop this process. During pregnancy, various changes in health occur that are worsened due to addictions.

State Of Concern Due To Addiction

Addiction can be due to various use of many things like cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. These are some major social problems that have taken over the society and people around it. A continuous addiction of these products can lead to different health concerns even during the normal state. When a person goes to pregnancy they need to deal with a lot of health issues naturally. Having E-Cigarettes During Pregnancy can be of similar health concern, because of the chemicals present in it.

The first thing that mother should understand is that any type of addiction can be harmful to their baby because all of them have major side effects. They have the potential to fluctuate the vital signs of a mother and as a result, may harm the proper growth of the baby. So those mothers who feel that the advanced technologies like E-cigarettes are safe then they should check for its effects minutely. Effects of addictions are given below:

  1. There are lots of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and that is actually important for proper growth of the baby and nutrition. Communal changes can be disturbed because of chemicals present in the different drugs. Drug abuse is a major health concern that has a lot of chemical issues. The chemical changes that occur can be alarming for the health of the mother and the baby as it can later result in complications.
  2. A condition of blood is another alarming state for the mother because they share the blood with their baby. If the chemicals having side effects reach the baby through the placenta it may create major health issues which may damage hair growth and harm their internal organs as well.
  3. Damaging of the internal organs like lung disorder which may occur due to smoking can also be problematic for the baby. It is important to make sure that just like their own internal organs the visceral organs of the baby are safe from damages as well. The health of these organs is directly related to baby and mother.

Major health concerns that occur during this time are directly related to the Chemicals present in these drugs. Concerned mothers should, therefore, give up their addiction during pregnancy to keep their baby safe. Thus things like vaping while pregnant condition of concerned and is best left avoided.


There are lots of addictions that women carry on during pregnancy. If they continue this during pregnancy they can get major complications.

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