Safe and Sound: Keep Your Rental Property From Pests With These Strategies

As a landowner, keeping bugs and insects out of your rental property is incredibly necessary. Admittedly, tenants don’t want to be in a place full of cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, and other pests. Not to mention, if you have a pest infestation, there’s a likelihood that you will be dealing with constant complaints and worst is tenant turnover.

So, to avoid that unfortunate event, here are some strategies to follow to keep your rental property away from pests.

Clean the Areas of Infestation

Dead leaves, woodpiles, and overgrown gardens and plants are all common areas where the pest infestations happen. Thus, keep these places free of dead vegetation and debris, and you will limit the comfortable areas for rodents and bugs.

Another thing to take note of is the stagnant water areas. Excess water from gutters, outdoor faucets, downspouts, pots, and other catch basins can build the breeding place for mosquitoes. Sure, no one wants to live in a property only to be bitten by mosquitoes.

Put Away Foods

It may look evident that leaving the food open will invite small critters and pests to satisfy themselves in their next meal.  However, people usually leave out the open food containers or failed to clean up food spills and crumbs from cooking.

Then, if you make a mess, make sure to clean it up. If you have leftover foods, put them in airtight containers. Also, if you eat somewhere in the area instead of on the table, bring all the scraps of utensils, food, and dishes to the kitchen then wash thoroughly.

Exterminate With Experts

Exterminating is an excellent way to handle and prevent pests, it is also beneficial for the topical treatment of areas of potential problems, such as your foundation cracks.

If your rental area is in a warm climate, it’s usual for owners to exterminate at least once a month. On the other hand, if you live in cold climates, you can skip exterminating for insects during winter months.

However, remember that each time you exterminate, keep pets and children off the lawn or outdoor areas where they can come in contact with the harmful chemicals.

Seal Up Crevices and Cracks

Sealing crevices and cracks in your property will help you keep the little critters out. It should be done throughout the exterior of your rental property, as well as into the interior.

On your property’s exterior, check the foundation of the building. Also look for gaps around doors, pipes, windows, and vents. On the other hand, when sealing the property’s interior, include in your checklist the common areas, crawl spaces, tenants’ apartments, and attics. Again, check throughout the perimeter and near any doors, pipes, vents, and windows.

This process can be time-consuming, but it can help you save time and money in the longer run.

Talk With Your Renters

The last move to make is to ensure that your tenants understand their responsibilities, your pest control plans, and expectations, as well as to discuss what is the best to prevent infestations. Consider checking in often to make sure that everything is fine and well, but make sure to give notice first as required by law, your contract, and the common courtesy.


It’s apparent that most people are afraid of bugs and insects. That is why it’s best to get rid of any pests from invading your private place or rental property as it will mess up your personal space and reduce your monthly rentals.

But with the strategies above as well as the property maintenance from Rose & Jones, you can lessen tenant turnovers and boost your property rental income.

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