Most Stunning and Sophisticated Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas to Make A Statement

Platinum blonde is a beautiful, stunning and bold hue that is not apparently for the fainthearted ladies. It is a light shade of blonde that plays a significant role in attracting attention, but not for the wrong reasons because it is such a gorgeous look!

It is for the brave ladies who want to get attention for their looks. We have a gallery of entirely fresh platinum blonde hair ideas that will motivate you to be brave and try one.

  1. Pixie Cut with Extended Fringe

Pixie crops and curls are undoubtedly favorite styles for most ladies. Do you know you can combine them to come up with a new beautiful look? Start by incorporating a short bob into your hair. Maintain the tresses shorter at the back and longer at the front. Put more curls to your fringe and on to all extended sections of your hair. Do not forget, hold on to platinum blonde for the hue!

  1. Mixed Platinum Stacked Haircuts

Texture plays a significant role when it comes to styling short hair. You can achieve this style by applying platinum blonde dye on your hair and having a pixie cut. Keep either of the side hair short and the other side longer, creating a gorgeous extended fringe. For an edgy finish, tousle the cut by your fingers.

  1. Platinum Blonde to Purple Ombre

Purple and fare blonde complements each other perfectly. You can achieve this look by including purple trimmings to blonde hair. Chop your braids to shoulder length.

  1. Balayage Long Hairstyle

If you use ringlets, you get the most stunning hair look ever. It is a sexy and sassy, giving you a perfect look for any event timelessly. Ringlets complement specifically well with platinum hair. So, how do you get it? Apply brightest blonde dye to your long braids. Starting from the top, work your sexy ringlets all the way to the bottom.

  1. Straight Swept Blonde Locks

Sometimes you have to keep your platinum hair straight and stylish to present it in a right way. Steal this gorgeous look by going for a super extended graduated bob, with layers at the front cascading to the shoulder length and finding their way shorter at the back. Maintain the hair straight but keep the ends aloft for expression.

  1. Beach Curls on Blonde Hair

Beaches waves and blonde braids complement each other flawlessly. That is the reason why if you have platinum hair, you cannot avoid learning about beach wave styles. Trim your hair two inches below the jaw length. Include many loose waves all over the locks. Tousle and increase the waves using your fingers to get a beautiful beachy look.

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