Surgical Option for Disease and Injury Care for the Knee

Health is a concern for us. Yet, as we grow older, the chances of disease and injury increase the possibility that we may not remain as healthy as we were when we were young. This is evident in the old-age diseases such as arthritis that affect the bone joints. There is also the strong possibility of injuring ourselves while working or playing.

Injuries possible to the knee

The different kinds of injuries include fractures, bursitis, dislocation, and tendon tears. You also see meniscal tears, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, and collateral ligament injuries. Diagnosis of knee injuries depends on the origin of the injury and the duration of the ailment. The degeneration of the tissues of the knee is the underlying cause of most of the injuries. The other main cause is the drying up of the fluid in the tissues of the knee joint.

Use of artificial knee joint

When one undergoes Total Knee Replacement (TKR), the surgeon replaces the damaged and diseased joint with an artificial one. The material of this synthetic joint is high-grade metal and plastic. This long-lasting material ensures that the joint will last and work for at least 20-25 years. This means the patient will go through his life without the need for another surgery.

The problems arise when the joints do not fit as they should. This is because they make all the artificial joints the same. Both men and women receive the implants that are similar in shape. But, in fact, the shapes are different. When you try to use an implant on the female knee it shows out. The fit is bad and the surgeon has to make adjustments during the operation to compensate for the difference.

If one sees the Symptoms and Signs of Knee Injuries early and get treated in time then the chances of recovery are good. Often surgery is the best solution. If only a part of the knee remains damaged, then a partial knee replacement surgery is the best. If there is more damage to this joint then one must undergo TKR.

New technology for knee joint

Though this difference had been evident to surgeons in the past, they did nothing about it. So, it was only recently that the technology for this became available for use in surgery. You can read about this on the Zimmer Biomet website. They have extensive notes on what the differences are between the male and the female knee and how the new implants should be. As one grows old, one must keep a watch for the indications that disease has set in.

You can see the redness of the knee and pain. The more advanced cases will have a swelling and stiffness of the knee. A few of the people can hear popping and crunching noises in their knee joint. One of the early signs is warmth in the knee joint.

With proper surgery and after-surgery care, the patients will recover in full and live without pain. The key to a successful surgery is to detect the disease early and use the proper implant for males and females.

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