The Need for Distilled Water in Inverter Battery

Inverter batteries execute the major function of providing power to the inverter. These batteries are usually emergency supplies that provide backup power to unregulated power supplies an inverter in the case of a blackout. Just like everything nowadays, inverter battery online shopping is a fast and easy way to procure an inverter battery at reasonable prices and at your doorstep.

The driver behind inverter batteries includes internal plates covered with water which make them work. The water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen due to the chemical reaction it undergoes during operation. The water level drops after these gases continually escape from the battery. The level of water that covers the plates is depleted. Hence, there is a dire need for replenishing this water level for the efficient performance of the battery.

Meaning of distilled water-

  • Water in its purest form constitutes distilled water. There are no ions present in distilled water.
  • Replenishing inverter batteries, car batteries, medical applications (such as mixing distilled water with the medicines), use in biological laboratories, in aquarium fish keeping, and aero plane engines are some very common applications of distilled water. Even when a person engages ininverter battery online purchase, there will be a manual for the need and usage of distilled water in the batteries. The unique purity of distilled water makes it crucial for all such applications.
  • The process of obtaining distilled water is very simple. The water has to be boiled vigorously, its steam has to be captured in a clean container, and then it is condensed to provide the distilled water. But ensuring the purity of this water makes the whole process costly. To cut costs to ensure profitability and feasibility deionized water is used as an alternative to distilled water. However, WHO has confirmed that drinking distilled water does not ensure any health benefits because it contains no minerals.

Requirement of distilled water in inverter batteries-

  • The water that flows from faucets, wells, and all other natural resources contains dissolved minerals, salts, and impurities. Though they are beneficial for the human body, the minerals and salts deposit in the pores of the battery and form an impenetrable layer that drastically affects the electro-chemical reactions that generate power in the battery.
  • The prolonged use of such batteries causes the life span of the battery to reduce significantly.
  • Distilled water is the solution to these problems. It contains no minerals, salts, organic, and inorganic compounds that may affect the battery negatively. It tops the list of recommendations by battery manufacturers for better performance of the battery and a long battery life.
  • Filtering the tap water just separates the inherent impurities, but not the dissolved minerals and non-ionic compounds. The use of advanced filtering mechanisms such as ion-exchange and activated carbon filters are employed to eradicate most of the ionic and larger non-ionic compounds.
  • It is recommended to avoid using RO purified water as an alternative to distilled water because it preserves the essential minerals that are good for health. This means that those minerals can affect the battery and reduce its performance as well.
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