It is Time Give Up That Chair

Still attached to that old screeching chair in your office with torn ends and not so lustrous look? The time has finally arrived to let it go. Buy a new office furniture, fall in love once again. Being emotional beings, we often get attached to materialistic articles but with passage of time, a little renovation is much needed. There are many things in all of our office that lie in ruins but we won’t let go of them. Why? Because they have so many memories attached. Memories haven’t got anything to do with your furniture, they were made by you with your family/friends/partner. The furniture just exists. The world has much better things to offer, go on and explore. Sky is the limit my friend. Why limit yourself to that one couch? Sell it.

Now that you are actually considering selling your office furniture, you are probably wondering how and where to sell it. In these advance times, the device on which you are reading this article is all you will ever need. This device is the solution to your problem. Instead of looking into every corner of the street, sell your furniture online. Many websites offer this service. You just have to register your product and choose the buyer and sell it at your price. Seek websites with simple interface and more business tools.

Photograph and description

Identify from which angle your furniture will look most sellable. Photograph is the main asset that will lure a customer to your product. Do not take the photograph in low light. Photograph should look appealing. Do not upload just one picture. Try taking picture with white background, it brings out the features of your furniture. Give a proper description enlisting the details of the product. You are responsible for selling it, so make sure you give it your best shot. Select the appropriate prize for the product, keeping the age of the product in mind. Do not set price more than the worth of the package. Describe the shipping details as well.

Choosing the right buyer

A lot of people might contact you after seeing your advertisement, now it is your job to decide which one to choose. Sometimes, the buyer might not be genuine. So, you have to make sure you choose the right one. Almost all the websites provide the option of direct message or you can connect through the mobile number. The buyer wishes to bargain or wishes the product to be delivered at so and so location or mode of payment, all these topics need to be discussed beforehand. Transaction should be recorded on paper in order to keep it for future reference.

If your product doesn’t sell in one go, do not get disheartened. Try lowering the price by a tad bit or try different websites. To boost your advertisement, you can pay the website to showcase your product with higher priority. Give an interesting title to your product like ‘office furniture for sale and you will able to allure many investors.

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