Tips To Look Glamorous On Your Special Day

Wedding day is the most special day of any woman’s life. You cannot look anything short of perfect. With all the hopes, dreams, aspirations, anticipations and fantasies slowly unfold into reality, it is quite obvious for anyone to get a bit worked up over the minute detailing’s that might not always get fulfilled with all the venue, food, decoration and management to be taken care of. But can you compromise on looking your best on your so special day? You just cannot.

So to look like straight out of a dream on your special day, follow certain bridal tips. These wedding makeup tips for bridal in Hindi are also available on various magazines and blogs for women who prefer the Hindi language over English. The tips are:

Cleansing the face- Brides in the Indian community prefer to wear dark colours in shades of red, orange or pretty pink. In order to carry out the carry out the glamorous look for a longer period, one should firstly deep cleanse and hydrate their face with a foaming face wash or cleansing milk. After doing do pat dry your face with a soft towel so that face is wiped off all the dirt, oil and the greasiness. This will not only make your face look fresh and let the makeup sit perfectly on your face.

Keep the Base perfect- Use a moisturizer for that even and smooth tone on your skin. Besides the moisturizing the face, don’t forget to apply some on your neck with your fingertips. Preferably use a moisturizer with a water base.

The three must do’s –

  1. Primer – A primer on the face is the must to hold the concealer and foundation intact. To keep the makeup, look the best, a primer is very essential.
  2. Concealer – You sure don’t want those dull and stubborn spots to pop up on your face, so only a concealer would come to your rescue in that situation. It will come in handy to work on all the blemishes and black spots that might posit as an obstacle on your glam makeup look.
  3. Foundation – A foundation is a must for any makeup look. Preferably use a SPF30 or SPF40 foundation and apply it all over your face and neck with a sponge or a brush. A matte finish would be undoubtedly a better choice, because it will not be too flashy and will make the blush and eye shadow on the face look much better and will add on to the glamorous look.

Blush and Highlighter- We all want our face to glow, don’t we? For this one should use a highlighter on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the temple of the forehead.  Remember always to pat blush in a parting motion with a brush and don’t just dump it. Never overdo your blush. Always smile as much wide as you can so that the blush sits on the face just fine and gets blended well with the other makeup on the face. Start from the cheekbones and carry it towards the ears.

Nowadays, we all spend a lot of money on our look when we have a party or a wedding to attend. But why don’t we go by some simple tips to make us look the best in any function. The tips above are also equally for makeup tips for wedding party because wedding means looking grand and the tips that I shared are perfect to give you your favourite wedding look. What’s your look for the next wedding party? Nothing less than perfect, isn’t it?

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