Tips to Service your AC at Home

In most households, spring cleaning is a common practice. Not only does it involve a lot of work and patience, but also needs presence of mind and a good memory. The spring cleaning list can be difficult to remember and sometimes a few slip out.

Although overwhelming, the easiest place to start is the home air conditioning system. Cleaning of your home cooling system should be definitely on your list. At least, this ensures (and justifies) the most important reason to resting at home – the comfort.

Clean air is a clean home! Make spring cleaning a tradition. It is a good idea in each spring to use a paper clip or wire to poke through the hole and clear the list as you complete each chore.

Here is a list of things professionals at Voltas will guide you about so that you can get started with cleaning your home Air Conditioning system:

  • Conduct a check of your air-conditioning and heating equipment whenever a new season begins.
  • Clean and replace the furnace and air-conditioning filters every month. You can replace the filters with fiberglass ones. These will last only for a month, while others typically last three to four months. You could also consider installing HEPA filters, which last up to six months. They can be easily cleaned with a vacuum nozzle.
  • If your air conditioner has a drainage hole at the base of the cabinet, as most units do, you need to take special care to clean them. This hole is typically found beneath the evaporator fins and plays an important role in the efficient working of the air conditioner.
  • Wash the exterior part of the condenser unit with a hose. This will remove dirt and debris that would have accumulated in the fin area.
  • For the dehumidifier cleaning, remove the housing and allow the unit to dry completely. Use a vacuum to clean every accessible surface and crevice as Voltas experts recommend.
  • Chiller tubes are tubes that can become packed with deposits of algae, slime, and sludge. Cleaning these tubes regularly ensures that they not only operate efficiently, but also help in controlling the growth of harmful bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease. Using a simple tube cleaner is the easiest way as it flushes out the water through the tubes, which also loosens the deposits.
  • Make sure the doors and windows of your house are caulked and sealed properly. This will not only keep humidity and heat from seeping inside your home, but also help in the efficient working of your air conditioners.
  • Check to see if any moisture or water is dripping inside the house. If yes, it is probably due to a dirty evaporator coil.  Clean the evaporator coil or call Voltas
  • Finally, check and clean fans and belts. It you see any signs of wear and tear, replace the part immediately. Periodic lubrication of parts and valves also helps a lot. Use expert guidance for this step.
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