Top 4 career options in the telecommunication industry to choose

When it comes to the telecommunication industry, it includes the companies that provide products and services to make the communication possible on a global scale via phone or the internet. These companies design the infrastructure that enables people to send data anywhere all across the world. Due to the excessive demand for telecom, companies are doing the great business and hiring a lot of people to run their system smoothly. Many job positions are available in this sector that a person can choose as a rewarding career option. If you want to get involved in this sector with a handsome salary, then there are top four job profiles available that you can choose to build a meaningful career.

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Telecommunication Engineer

This is the person that works in research and development projects so that the performance and quality of network or equipment can improve. Their responsibilities include the development of new applications that can run on the smartphones. To transmit the high-definition video signals, engineers work on the enhancement of network. In this job, you can get the good annual wage.

Customer Service

In this job, a customer service representative deals with the inquiries of customers related to their telecommunication services. If you are planning to get into this job, then you can find work in large as well as small companies. You have to either handle the internal requests for support or in the call centers for telecommunication carriers, or equipment suppliers. In the job of representative, one has to deal with the complaints or problems regarding related the services. Apart from this, updating the customers on the latest telecommunication services is one of the important tasks. This job offers a good amount of the salary to the candidates.

Sales and Marketing

There is a number of job opportunities available in the telecommunications for the people who have interest in the sales and marketing profession. If you choose this as your career, then you have to work for carriers, marketing the service of a company you have been working for. Apart from this, you may require increasing the business and encouraging the customers to switch suppliers or purchase additional services. Being a sales and marketing professional, you can also work in retail stores, selling mobile phone services and equipment.


A number of functions are handled by the administrative staff in the telecommunication companies. And those functions include billing, processing orders, and maintaining the customer database. You can get the job in the administrative department of telecommunication as operators or equipment suppliers. In large companies, you can get a job to analyze the bills of suppliers and allocate costs to different departments. With this job, you can a handsome salary.

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