Top 5 Health Benefits of Paneer

Cottage cheese which is also known as paneer is a very common ingredient in Indian cooking. But there are several healthy reasons for that.

  • It is the vegetarian source of protein. Those who are not much fond of fish and meat can get their daily protein intake for body by having paneer. It is said that one cup of paneer contains approximately 28 grams of protein which is actually 50 percent of daily protein intake of a normal and adult human being.
  • This is also a low carbohydrate food with a lot of protein. This is a filling food and it keeps your stomach filled up for a long time. Also this food item has a slow release of energy which keeps one energised for a long time without any sudden burst of energy level.
  • They also help in weight loss. It has a lot of linoleic acid which helps in calorie burning process and as a result weight loss happens. At the same time, paneer is also low fat and so it is a must in every healthy diet plan.
  • Paneer has a lot of calcium content in it. So it helps in keeping the bone and joints strong. So, the one who eats paneer can have a lesser risk of suffering from bone problems or Osteoporosis. It helps the body to fight up the calcium deficiency. So one gets healthier and stringer teeth and bones.
  • Cottage cheese is also said to be high in protein and low in carbohydrates. As a result, it is a good food item for those who are suffering from diabetes. The slow release of energy helps in keeping the blood sugar level normal in a human body.

Here are some tasty paneer recipes that one can try.

MatarPaneer: This is a very popular Indian recipe which is made with cottage cheese and a lot of green peas. They are cooked in thick gravy of tomato and onion. One can easily pair them with pulao or roti.

Paneer Butter Masala: This one is a very popular dish in North India and it is mostly eaten during lunch or dinner. Here the gravy is prepared with a lot of tomato puree, onion paste, cashew nut paste and some herbs and spices. This is a flavoured dish which goes well with paratha or naan.

PalakPaneer: If one wants to know about the palakpaneer recipe in Hindi then they should know that here the paneer cubes are cooked well with thick spinach and tomato gravy along with some aromatic herbs and spices. This one is not a very spicy recipe and is also prepared with less oil. One can have them with rice or roti.

KadaiPaneer:It is also a very popular paneer dish where onions and bell peppers are cooked well with paneer cubes. One can also use a lot of tomatoes to make the gravy thick. One has to cook this in a wok or Kadai.

These are the popular dishes of paneer which one can also try at home.

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