Top Vegetarian Dishes from India

Gone are the days when vegetarian fare was the boring, predictable concoction of vegetables. Today, vegans are becoming adventurous and playing with various ingredients to create lip smacking vegetarian items.

 A vegetarian diet is very healthy; it reduces risk of chronic and degenerative dishes like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some types of cancer such as breast, colon, stomach, oesophageal and lung cancer.

Veggies are items which cannot be ignored. It may be love at first sight or for some people, a gradual and slow fascination. After you give up your initial inhibitions, you will discover much to love.

Provide a healthy spin to your meals with the might of vegetables. Vegetables are rich in nutrients which ignite our metabolism, providing an advantage to an endeavour for weight control. They are the healthiest because they are loaded with crucial vitamins and minerals, necessary for our health and well-being. As per many studies, vegetables have been found to reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and depression.

The World Day for vegetarians is celebrated on 1st October, every year. This day launches a month (October) of vegetarian awareness. The aim of this celebration is to “promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism”.

 While vegetarian cuisine has always been popular in India, modern chefs are providing a fresh twist to traditional dishes.

Here are some of the popular Vegetarian dishes of India:

  • MalaiKofta

A dish made of vegetable balls in a thick sauce; it is an alternative to meat balls, to be served in special occasions

  • PalakPaneer

This is a dish made of spinach and cottage cheese. This dish with mild flavour is thus super healthy.

  • Rajma

This is a curry made of red kidney beans and is very popular with plain rice

  • Mutter paneer

This is a cottage cheese and peas dish served with parathas, jeera rice and naan.

  • Kali dal

This is dish made of black lentils and is often referred to as Ma kiDal (mother’s lentils) because of its delicious and wholesome nature.

  • Chole

This is a curry made of chickpea. This popular dish is served hot with Pooris or Bhaturas which are fried Indian bread.

  • Paneertikka

It is made of chunks of paneer, marinated in spices and grilled in a tandoor. It is a vegetarian version of chicken tikka. Learn how to make paneer tikka anywhere in the world where a diaspora of Indians are settled.

  • Alooparatha

This Indian bread stuffed with potato can be best eaten with side servings of pickle and chilled yogurt. Get naughty by trying it with fresh cream or homemade, unsalted butter.

  • PaneerMakhani Biryani

This is a vegetarian avatar of traditional meat biryani. It consists of fried cubes of paneer dunked in creamy gravy and layered with rice before cooking in ‘dum’ (steaming) style.

  • Hara Bhara kebab

A delicious version of Kebabs for vegetarians, its name is derived from green colour of its ingredient of spinach.

  • Mushroom Kofta

This is a popular recipe. Plump mushrooms are stuffed with paneer and spinach and immersed in piquant tomato gravy.

  • Carrot salad

A beautiful salad with shreds of carrot topped with a dressing of sweet black grape. It is easy and quick to make.

These are some of the best vegetarian dishes from India.

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