Understand the Concepts of Chemical Reactions and Equations

Chemistry is one of the major subjects when we talk the science streams it throws light on the concepts of matter, gases, metals, and Non-metals. It teaches about how a matter is formed, its basic units like atoms, molecules, and compounds. To understand chemistry in depth it is important to under the basic concepts involved in the study of the subject. Generally, these basics are taught when a student is in 7th standard hence going further in the grades ahead these basic concepts are then taught in deep. If the NCERT for class 10 is checked, the books are enough to make the concepts very clear especially when it comes to the concepts of Chemical equation and reactions, hence NCERT solutions for class 10 Science Chemical reactions and Equations is the perfect source to understand the basics of reactions as well as equations.

Let’s understand what is a chemical reaction and chemical equation

Before we begin with these two important sections of chemistry lets understand the basic concepts which include knowing about atoms, molecule, and compounds as these three later take part in chemical reactions.

Atoms; It is the basic unit of any matter, be it a solid, liquid or gas everything is made up of an atom, an atom contains all the properties of a matter. As it is the basic unit, it cannot be seen. Basically, every atom is made up of nucleus, electron, and proton.

Molecule: A molecule is formed when two or more atoms are combined together, they are electrically neutral. A molecule can be formed by the combination of atoms from one or even different elements.

Compounds: When two or more molecules combine together and form an altogether different substance with totally different properties as that of the molecules they are formed of.

Chemical Reactions: The process that leads to the formation of different and unique chemical substances. A chemical reaction involves reactants, which are the substances or compounds taking part in a chemical reaction and resulting in the final product known as reactants. There are numerous factors involved in a chemical reaction.

Chemical Equation:  The way of representing a chemical reaction is called Chemical equation. In a chemical equation, the compounds or molecules involved in the reaction are represented as symbols and result in the products.

As per the current CBSE syllabus, they have included further a lot of topics to be covered, CBSE class 10 Science Metals and Non-metals is good enough to understand the concepts of metals and non-metals found in the environment. To understand the concepts of the other factors that are the major part to understand the importance of Chemistry in our day to day life. Everything that happens around us involves science and its phenomenon, be it just curdling of milk or formation of ice from water, boiling water everything is science. Nothing happens without a logic behind it, this is what we call nature and this is what we called the power of science.

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